Regional Revitalization

Here are some of the concepts and plans we have worked on/are working on. If you want to see the full versions, please contact us

Regional Revitalization & Rural Development

Iwaya Shotengai in Awaji

Local shopping streets are common in Japan and many of these places in the countryside are slowly dying out. As population decreases in an area and the average age increases, businesses become hard to continue.

We look at the landscape, speciality, and basic needs of the area to try to create something for the locals and attract visitors/new residents.

New Initiatives and development

Awaji X


In a large unoccupied land area in Awaji, we put our minds together to come up with a concept to attract visitors on a regular basis, setup new residents and jobs, and rebrand an area.

Awaji X is an idea to create an extreme sports multiplex and academy. There would be facilities toward community building also. The location’s would be at least 50% self-sustainable with wind energy.

Tourism and local development


Pitstop is a hub for cycling tourism on Awaji Island with free information, maintenance tools, lockers, and a resting spot. We will feature a Cafe by day and a bar by night. We would also carry out Volunteer and community activities from here.

We have developed the full business plan and how the place is going to operate. But due to financial reasons, we are not able to setup the location.

Regional Revitalization & Rural Development

Awaji Sea Station

On the north of Awaji Island, there are no docks for private boats even though it is lined with commercial fishing boats. There is a demand for docks as boat owners across the sea want to look for a place to hang out after cruising.

We are trying to talk to the Iwaya Fishing Association who are in charge of the sea and the City Hall who manages the land. We want to build docks as well as a Fishing Tourism Hub facility to attract a whole new range of visitors.

Tourism & Regional Revitalization

Revive: Hostel & Visitor's Centre

In the north of Awaji Island, there are no affordable and/or mid-range accommodation options. Information on the island are also scattered and few inbetween.

Thus, we wanted to create something affordable to bring more young people to the island and put all tourism related and cool food spots there as well.

Regional Revitalization & Rural development

Shotengai Revitalization Framework

From the start, we want to create a framework on regional revitalization and move that to real life. This is the framework concept as developed after working on revitalization efforts after some time.

Moving forward, we would need to work and develop a location. When successful, we would be able to prove our methods and duplicate (to a certain extent) our methods to any part of the world.

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...and more! If you need to look at the detailed plans, do contact us.

The above showcase is just a quick preview on a few projects that we have done. We have and are working on more as we speak. If you would like to look through our plans in detail, do drop us a mail! We would be happy to share.