We went fishing with the Fishermen in Awaji and it was an awesome island experience!

We were looking if there was any kind of fishing related tourism on Awaji Island since many people come to the here for fishing. With our bad Japanese we didn’t find anything but we chanced upon a poster in a local cafe.
It seems like it was for some kind of fishing experience with the local fishermen kinda thing and we went!

So we booked the trip...

We (Ira, Valentine and I)  made the call, got the dates, and went! 
The program starts around 7ish and we reached at 7am. (oh man, mornings are tough for me)
When we reached the location, we were surprised to have 3 ladies joining us. I’ve always thought that this was more of a “guy” thing and ladies won’t be so interested. What a pleasant surprise!

Anyways, we each got a life vest and got on the boat and left for sea!

If you can manage to crawl out of bed at 6, it’ll feel refreshing to head out to sea after.

The boat will park somewhere in the middle of the sea where they have their fish nets setup. Then they’ll begin to pull it in manually.

One by one, you'll take turns "fishing"

Ok, it’s not really “fishing” per se, but basically you will be handed a fish net to scoop fish out of the water. After you got them out, the fishermen at the side will separate the fishes into different compartments on the boat.

I thought it was over but there was more! The experience next was… weird for me. 

We had to relieve the fishes of the… air pressure? Because they pulled the fish out from a deep level quickly so air will congregate in their “air bags”?

So anyways we had to push this large skewer from the bottom to pierce through their “air bag” and deflate the fish.

Yeah I legit mean deflate the fish.

You can actually feel and hear the air from the fish’s body go away. Much similar like letting air out from a balloon. 

It was a weird feeling. 

It’s a weird feeling cos you’re holding on to the fish, and then you have to poke it right? BUT, it’s not like every time you poke it you’re successful.


And then you’ll feel the fish twitch/squirm in your hand. 
I felt like Ramsey Snow torturing Reek.

Then we went back~

We went back to land it was over! You could continue to stay at the port to watch the fishermen process the fishes though. But after a morning out at sea we were craving for some great sashimi!

So how does this experience fare?


The experience out to sea with fishermen was great. You’ll never get much of a chance to see how fishermen work in Japan as they are normally very private. Even just going out to sea in the morning was great and very exciting as you board the boat. 

For fishing, even though it was just scooping fish out of the net, I felt that it was a rewarding experience and would love to do it again!

The poking fish part was a mixed bag for me. I’m not sure how I should feel when I was doing it. But I do admit that it was another rare experience and I’m glad I did it.

One down part is that I felt that they could’ve added a fish tasting session where they make fresh sashimi on the spot. Being surrounded by all these fish and knowing that they’ll all soon be on someone’s plate made us all want to try it in some way or another. 



If you live in the Hyogo area, I'd say try it!

It is only available seasonally so if there is a slot, I’ll highly recommend to go for it since it is rare for anyone to experience this sort of thing. Contact details in the poster above. You’re welcome!