Hi everyone! Thanks for visiting the site. We just setup the site recently and are still uploading content! Please check back every few days to see more. Thank you for your support! 🙂

We are a small team of people who are living and working on Awaji Island and have an interest on regional revitalization / rural development in Japan. We created this site to promote various cool events, delicacies, and happenings in the road less traveled. Feel free to look at our revitalization plans too! 

We would be happy to collaborate if you have something in mind and/or connect us to someone.


Spring is around the corner and it means: sakura or cherry blossoms is going to be in full bloom soon! Doing Hanami or having picnic under sakura tree, enjoying its beauty is a must.

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I used to think that welcoming spring in Japan can only mean one thing: Sakura aka cherry blossoms.

Boy oh boy was I wrong! It was late March when I decided to bring two friends to Awaji Hanasajiki and we were stunned by the sea of vibrant yellow canola flower.

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After sunset, get your walking shoes ready and immerse yourself in the story of “Hinotori”, a popular manga by Osamu Tezuka, the same man who created Astro Boy. At the beginning of the walk, you will be equipped with a map and a flashlight to guide you through the 1.2km trail in the forest.
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We have worked on several plans and concepts regarding several areas in Awaji or rural areas in general. Check them out here! 

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